Computer Slot Machine Games - Rules, Types, Tips and Best Casinos

Computer Slot Machine Games - Rules, Types, Tips and Best Casinos

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#2 Titan 150% £100 Visit Site
#3 Club USA 300% $125 Visit Site
#4 Slots Galore 125% $100 Visit Site
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InterCasino Online tournaments

Weekly online tournaments are presented by computer slot machine games InterCasino in the fifth month of the year which is May, nevertheless nobody should wait that long.

Computer Slot Machine Games. The Start

A 3 Card poker was the entrance event of the weekly tournament and was only held in the first two days of the month. The said event was failed to computer slot machine games be attended by many because of the short notice but the four remaining are scheduled to be a week long.

The main events

The events that will be the main attraction of the online competition are the slot games that will be held in three weeks. In the third day of the month up to the ninth, the first sot games will be started and will take part in the marvel super hero slot game. The hulk: A well portrayed act of a nuclear physicist which malformed himself into a beast. The famous activated arbitrarily three leveled progressive jackpot is also available in this slot game. At the 17th of May up to the 23rd, the slot game which has the humorous tale of a picnic which is destroyed by ants which is the Picnic Panic will take part. The addition of the music and animation will give the troupe a humorous atmosphere. The animation will use the standard scene of a picnic get away and the ants that shares the foods that are present. After the first screen, a couple of bonus round of free spins and bonus game will take part in the second screen.

The prizes

Every weekly competition is planned on the same arrangement. These online competitions are not gambling games that depart in the dress of tournament. From the beginning, Chips worth $500 will be given to every player and after 30 minutes of playing, the six players that have the highest money earned will have the prize of $250 be distributed to each six players. The first pacer will have $100, the second will obtain $50 and computer slot machine games the rest will have $25 each.